Saturday, August 23, 2008

Raging Slab - Black Belt In Boogie (1995)

I previously posted 'From A Southern Space' and 'Freeburden'. 'Black Belt In Boogie' is the last unreleased album of Raging Slab.
What can I say about Raging Slab that hasn't been said already? They're one of the best kept secrets of Southern Rock. They're raunchy, they rock hard and they sure do boogie! Some of these songs wound up, re-recorded, on the 'Sing Monkey Sing' album. This album is a lot better, though...
If you need a sample of what the band is like, check out the video below.

Like what you see? Then get the album...


ogmonster said...

Hey Skydoog...It's been a while since I've been around. I see that you posted two more Raging Slab albums. With your 3 albums and my 5 albums that makes 8 albums. Is that all the albums they recorded? Also, I have a live show from 2001 that I found in space. Do you have/want? Can upload and post link here.

Raging Slab
March 29, 2001
Double Door

Time: Roughly 70 minutes
Quality: Easy A

1) Pearly
2) Get Off My Jollies
3) Doublewide
4) Flap Your Boogie Flap
5) Good Morning Little School Boy
6) Sir Lord Ford
7) When Electricity Came To Kansas
8) Chasing The Dragon
9) Into The Fire
10) Here Lies
11) Dont Dog Me
12) I Heard The Owl
13) Mississippi Queen
14) Shiny Mama
15) Im A Country Boy
16) ???

Skydogg said...

Hi Ogmonster. Wikipedia metions these albums:
Studio Albums

* Assmaster CD/LP (1987 Buy Our Records)
* Raging Slab CD/LP (1991 RCA Records)
* From a Southern Space (1991 unreleased)
* Freeburden (1992 unreleased)
* Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert CD (1993 Def American)
* Black Belt in Boogie (1995 unreleased)
* Sing Monkey, Sing! CD (1996 American Recordings)
* The Dealer CD/LP (2001 Tee Pee Records)
* Pronounced: Eat Shit CD (2002 Tee Pee Records)

And I would love a link to the show. Thanks...

ogmonster said...

Hey Skydogg... Doh, I forget sometimes that I'm on the internet when I ask these questions. :-) It looks like I'm only missing Assmaster. I'll have to look around and I'm sure its out there somewhere.

Here's the link for the Chicago 2001 show:

Hope you enjoy it.

ogmonster said...

Here's some more RS for you:

The Dealer Demos '97

Bad Boogie Cheque-Live in the Studio '94

Cover: GFR - We're An American Band

Skydogg said...

Thanks a lot. Did you find the Assmaster yet? I'm still looking myself. Cheers!

ogmonster said...

Not yet.

ogmonster said...

I was going thru my mess of a collection and found this 2 in 1 "Slabbage". It is basically Assmaster + the True Death 12". It's minus Shiny Mama (which is on the S/T '89), + Earache My Eye & In Contempt. Not the same order as Assmaster but no big deal, right? I will upload for you in a day or so. Cool?

Skydogg said...

Hi Ogmonster,
Thanks, but no need to bother. I have that one too. I was curious about the Assmaster album, maybe the mixes would be different and the missing track I need, of course. But thanks a lot anyway!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Slab... Just (re-)discovered them... :)

G_Baroncelli said...

Hi there. I love RAGING SLAB. I got the Assmaster album on vinyl with a comic book included. Is not a great album I think. SLABBAGE contains most of the tracks but not all, two are missed.
The leader Greg Strzempka have played with BACKDRAFT, a great scandinavian-southern band. Don't miss their great album HERE TO SAVE YOU ALL!!!