Thursday, September 30, 2010

Point Blank - Cold Warrior (1979)

"Cold Warrior" is the Point Blank bootleg I've come across most often. Which does not mean it's the least of 'em circulating. As a matter of fact, what we have here is yet another fine example of how great a Southern Rock band Point Blank is. They're loud and passionate. This is a show of the band promoting their, in my opinion, finest album, "Airplay". It's an FM broadcast, quality is pretty good. Nuff said. Thunder & Lightning!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

SevenMoore - 2003 - SevenMoore

SevenMoore (or Seven Moore)was a spin-off of The Marshall Tucker Band. It featured MTB's Paul T. Riddle and Jerry Eubanks and this is the only album released (some live shows do exist). It's not quite The Marshall Tucker Band, though. Definitely Southern, but more polished and very melodic. Some excellent picking on this album! It's inoffensive, as in, your old lady would enjoy this as much as you do. But there's some great music to be found here all the same. Really, this is a great record. Including flute and all. But trust me, you won't be disappointed. For those who didn't get this the first time around, here's another chance..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Joe Sun - Out On The Road (1991)

Yup, it's Outlaw Country time again. And thank you, Frank, for supplying us with yet another fine piece of music from Outlaw extraordinaire, Mr. Joe Sun. I guess there's not much new under the sun, but that won't stop me from enjoying Joe's music at all. Any Joe Sun is way above average, and this is more of the same (goodness). Again, if you like your Country with gravelly voice, the music not too slick and songs well written, this is right up your alley. So, here's Joe, hittin' that ol' highway...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Allgood - IV (1995)

"IV" was the last recorded studio output by Athens, Georgia band Allgood. However, it never had an actual commercial release. Still, if you dug any previous Allgood recordings, this will surely not disappoint. No sirree! It's all slightly heavier and at times a little darker than their earlier albums. But great Southern Rock to my ears. Allgood remind me at times of Jupiter Coyote. Not too much emphasis on traditional Southern Rock trademarks like twin leads and dualing guitar solos, instead going for more compact Southern Rock songs. And really, you can hardly go wrong with any Allgood music. Face it...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Poker Flatts - Poker Flatts (1977)

Poker Flatts was based out of the Macomb, Illinois area. This, their only, album is a fine example of well executed Country Rock played with just enough pizazz to grab and hold your attention. The band called it Progressive Country. Well, I guess. It's a real nice album and the Country is played with just the right amount of funky feel to it. Band members are: Bill Studzinski - guitars & vocals; Paul Reynolds - guitars, mandolin & vocals; T.K. Wayland - drums & vocals; Tom Durso - bass. And they had a little help from Ken Pitlik - fiddle & banjo and Karl Warma on harmonica. The record was released on the independent (their own) record label Stacked Deck. Again, this is a bit of a treat, certainly well worth grabbing. So good..

Monday, September 06, 2010

Don Bowman - The All New Don Bowman (1972)

Don Bowman again, at his very zaniest. "The All New Don Bowman" is one of Don's funniest albums and it introduces the magnificent drunk, Farley McCluth. On "Hello D.J. Don throws a tantrum for not getting his record played on the radio, calling up the D.J. time and again and getting nastier along the way. There's a remake of his classic hit, "Chit Akins Make Me A Star" and it has song titles like "The Monkey Who Became President" and "Freddie Four Toes". Well, just list-in! List-in to this! Poetic justice?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Jimmy O'Neill - Popular Car (1984)

Jimmy O'Neill was guitarist/vocalist with Mose Jones on "Get Right" and "Mose Knows". He did not participate in the line-up that recorded the third album, "Blackbird". Instead he went on to play with fiddler Vassar Clements. And in 1984 he released a '45 which is presented to you here. As noted, this is from 1984 and it just screams 80's! Still, it's two very nice songs with amusing lyrics. And a Mose Jones rarity for sure. Side one has the track "Popular Car" and the flip side contains the track "City Music". Both are very poppy and quite catchy. Unfortunately Jimmy passed away in September of 2001.

This may also be a good opportunity to point out to you all that Mose Jones has just released a live CD, which features a show from 1974. You can order that from CDBaby. From the press release:
"The songs chosen for this CD were narrowed down from over 2 and half hours of recorded music that night - all original songs were from Mose Jones' 2 albums, "Get Right" 1973 and "Mose Knows" 1974, except for the Mose Allison song "Going to the City", which was combined with the extended jam the band had been performing and having fun with for years...This CD is totally live - no overdubs or post-production enhancements of any kind were used. The original 1/4" tape was found to be in Jimmy O'Neill's possession after his passing in 2001. The tape was baked, then transferred to digital (protools), pre-mastered, then re-mastered by Rodney Mills Master House.

Bryan Cole and Steve McRay, the two surviving members of the original band, and with the appreciative help of friends all along the way, have spent time and money and an undoubtedly labor of love attitude, to release this CD project - and now it has come to fruition. This CD is presented to you, to our old fans and our new fans and listeners, out of respect for Mose Jones and it's legacy, and our love for our two original members and band mates – Randy Lewis and Jimmy O’Neill (RIP)…We sincerely hope you will listen, enjoy, and appreciate this CD and project of love –"
So, go out and buy that. And in the meantime, enjoy Jimmy's single.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Stillwater - Demos (80's)

And here we have a curiosity for you fans of Stillwater. Thanks to Craig for this set of demos from, probably, somewhere in the 80's. To tell the truth, I have no information on these recordings whatsoever. They sure sound like they're from the 80's, though. I didn't have song titles either, so I took a wild guess. Bear in mind, this is really for fans only. There's lots of wow and flutter, which will not gain Stillwater any new fans. But these tracks can't be heard elsewhere and it's nice to fill in some gaps of the Stillwater history. 7 songs, nothing quite as spectacular as either of their first albums on the Capricorn label. But still a nice listen. If there's anyone out there who can shed some light on the origins of these recordings, please do. Are you ready!?