Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Raging Slab - Pronounced Eat Shit (2002)

Some good, heavy stuff for you, this time. You need another dose of Raging Slab. 'Pronounced Eat Shit'(pronounced ēat-shït) was the Slab's latest studio release. I'm just hoping it's not their final. But I wouldn't know, since they haven't updated their homepage in ages, and this album was released twelve years ago(!). If you don't know Raging Slab, you should definitely check them out. They were a different breed, but a welcome one. Initially marketed as a cross between Metallica and Lynyrd Skynyrd, these guys play a splendid variation on Southern Rock that'll put a smirk on your face. Whatever happened to Greg Strzempka? Boogalooser!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stillwater - I Reserve The Right (1979)

Stillwater were one of the classic bands on the Capricorn label. That's classic Southern Rock for ya. And this album has it all: great songs, excellent arrangements, terrific guitar picking, plain good vocals and all. Not much left to say after posting several albums before this one. And this one might just be the best of 'em all. The title track is one of the finest Southern Rock tracks ever and should find its place on some compilation, if justice is served. Yes, in my opinion, it's even better than 'Mind bender' from their debut album. The final track is 'Ain't We A Pair', featuring duet vocals from the incomparable miss Bonnie Bramlett. This has everything Southern Rock needs; it's not too soft, not too Country, not too loud, it's got everything just right. And this is a real nice rip as well. If you just started digging into Southern Rock history, this is definitely one to have. And get it now! Fair warning?

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Commercial break: SweetKiss Momma

So, this is a review and recommendation. I don't do much of those, since I don't do this for a job (nope, not making any money here) and I don't like to commit myself to reviewing all the time. Unless I can share the music, that is. But I gladly make an exception for Sweetkiss Momma. The album they sent me, 'A Reckoning Is Coming', is their second. The first was released in 2010 and very well received. Well, this one should do just fine as well. I really enjoyed taking this for a couple of spins. And it's still growing on me.

Though these cats hail from Washington, the sound is definitely steeped deeply in our favorite musical genre. Maybe sometimes leaning more towards Americana/Roots Rock, this should well please any Southern Rock fan. All songs are good, the music has a pleasant muddy, rootsy sound (all in a good way!) and the playing and singing very nice indeed. But judge for yourself, and listen to their acoustic version of "Breathe Rebel" (also done electric on this CD). Then check out their title track "A Reckoning Is Coming" (some definite Allman influences). How about that?! Like it? Support the band and go buy it! This band should surely find an audience with readers of Skydog's Elysium. Get some love ;-)