Saturday, September 01, 2012

Wayne Berry - Home At Last (1974)

"Home At Last" is a very pleasant and good album by Wayne Berry. Formerly a member of L.A. Country Rock outfit Timber (Two albums. I have "Bring America Home", which I will not post unless there'd be great demand.), this solo album should actually please a lot of readers of this blog. It's not the harder Southern Rock, instead it has lots of similarities to the Southern Country Rock/Southern Singer-Songwriter output. Kinda laid back, but not comatose. Quite a surprise to me, since I so much disliked the Timber album. Wayne has a very nice voice, which he combines with some great tunes. I don't know much about the man's career, other than that at one time he played with Tommy Talton (of Cowboy) and that he did record a second solo album which was never released. This is a new rip, provided by the French Connection. Not the rip I found while working on this. Hm. So, until there's more, enjoy this.