Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mother's Finest - Mother's Finest (1972)

What do you mean, Mother's Finest isn't Southern Rock? Don't you own a copy of Martin Popoff's 'Southern Rock Review'? It's virtually the bible to Southern Rock... Or is it?
Well, I know. It's hardly Southern Rock, even though mr. Popoff did write kindly about MF in his book. They hail from Atlanta, Georgia: so they're Southern. But they play funk-rock. If you really strain yourself, you might hear some Southern Rock in it. But this is one of my all time favorite bands. And this record has been on my wishlist like forever. I still don't own a copy. This is not my rip, but it's a very good rip. Mother's Finest distanced themselves from this record. I guess that must have had something to do with the record company, cause this is as good as it gets. The first three songs are a bit feeble, especially production-wise. But when track 4 kicks in, things start cooking. This might not be Southern Rock persé, but I'm convinced a lot of visitors to this site will be extremely happy with this post. Oh, and drummer Barry "BB Queen" Borden went on to play with bands like Molly Hatchet and The Outlaws. So what do you reckon? Is it justified?


Bushrod said...

Wow!!! I had no idea this album existed. It's awesome and just as good as the Colombia albums. Thank you so much for putting this up.

claymonster said...

You can buy a 2 CD set of the 1972 RCA debut and the 1976 CBS 'debut' from

There are also some bonus tracks included.