Sunday, February 17, 2008

Skydog's Elysium

I've seen some pretty good music blogs thusfar, but I figured there's always room for some more good music. So therefore I introduce my own music blog "Skydog's Elysium".
I'll be talking about and posting links to some of the finest forgotten southern albums that never made it to cd. Mostly it'll be southern rock, though at times I may take a sidestep into country, funk or any other kind of music with a southern flavor.
Some of the albums I ripped myself, others I took from other blogsites (skynfan, robots for ronnie, live and otherwise, amongst others...), dc++ and what have you... I thank the people that made these available right here and now. Don't be offended, I'm not trying to steal or trying to get credit for them. I just want to share the wealth!

Eat a peach...