Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stargunn - Making Up For Lost Tracks With Ammunition (2003)

Before Shooter Jennings became the Southern Rock Outlaw he is today, he was walking up quite a different road. Stargunn, the first band he recorded with, was a far stretch from what we know and love him for now. At times it's like a punk alternative to the whole Southern Rock genre. Then again, we all need a kick in the rear sometimes. Wake us up a bit, not allowing ourselves to be too pleased with what we came up some 40 years ago. Keep the music alive, really.
This album, 'Making Up For Lost Tracks With Ammunition', consists of demos, outtakes and the unreleased EP 'Ammunition'. Hence the title.
Be forewarned that this is quite a different take on Southern Rock than you're used from me. But it's all good fun just the same. Also included here is the Stargunn version of 'I've Always Been Crazy', recorded for the Waylon Tribute of the same name. Wake up, y'all..


Anonymous said...

Thankyou very much for this album.


Anonymous said...

thx man! this album rocks !! Shooter rules !! best regards ! Andre from Brazil!