Thursday, September 25, 2014

Grinderswitch - Pullin' Together (1976)

This album, 'Pullin' Together', was my first introduction to Grinderswitch. And it's still one of my favorites of theirs. It was also the first album with new keyboard player Stephen Miller, which surely contributed to a fuller, richer sound. Besides that, the songs are just plain good/fun. On Sweet Home Music there's a nice interview by Luc with guitarist Dru Lombar, which you can find here. Grinderswitch was one of the main Southern Rock bands (on Capricorn) of the 70's. If you're new to Southern Rock and want to know what it was all about before everybody wound up sounding like Lynyrd Skynyrd, this is a nice place to start. Higher ground.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cowboy - Boyer & Talton (1974)

Formed in 1969 in Jacksonville, Florida, Cowboy was a band with many connections. They had Duane Allman playing on their '5'll Get You Ten' album, they accompanied Gregg Allman on his solo tours and halfway through the 70's they would basically become the Capricorn Rhythm Section, playing on quite a few Capricorn releases. This album, 'Boyer & Talton' (a bit like the Rolling Stones calling an album 'Jagger & Richards'), was their third. Musically it's on the Country side of Southern Rock, a lovely laid-back affair. No soaring rock vocals or endless jams, but a nice collection of Southern Country Rock songs. All played tastefully and easy on the ear, Cowboy provides us with the ideal soundtrack to a Sunday morning. Everyone Has A Chance To Feel...