Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gladstone - ...From Down Home in Tyler, Texas USA (1972)

"...From Down Home in Tyler, Texas USA" is Gladstone's debut album. I'm not sure about the year of release. My guess is that it was initially released in 1971, and then, renamed as simply "Gladstone", re-released in 1972. With a different cover as well..

All songs are the same on both albums. Maybe the cats at ABC (their label) thought the cows on the first cover would turn off city folks? Anyway, this is a very nice album (both) with some good Southern Country Rock. A bit lightweight, but pleasing to the ear. Don't expect any hard Southern Rock here, this is more for lovers of early Outlaws music. Sweet..

Friday, November 20, 2009

Black Oak Arkansas - Leprechauns In Orlando (1979)

Alright, a little bit of some harder stuff this time. This is a live broadcast of Black Oak Arkansas from 1979, with a 15 year old Shawn Lane picking some fierce guitar. The show comes one year after their dreadful Capricorn release "I'd Rather Be Sailing", but this show is actually quite energetic (as opposed to aforementioned album) and good. Though the recording itself is really raw (not quite in a state to have it officially released), this should well please any BOA fan. Quite a few songs on here which never made it onto any officials release, as well as some classics like "Jim Dandy" and "Race With The Devil". Rough Stuff.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Heartwood - Heartwood (1973)

This is Heartwood's first album. Or rather, a re-recording of their first album. They recorded these songs and when they were signed to the GRC label, it was suggested they re-record the lot. Which is what they did. And here it is. A pleasant piece of Southern Country Rock. Thanks again to the French Connection (they do provide a lot of what I post). If you like The Outlaws' harmony vocals, this is your stop. And like those early Outlaws records, you get lots of Country too. But not the slick kind. I'm loving this lots.
Former Heartwood drummer Robert Hudson has his own website, where you can read about Heartwood as well. It's here. Then there's more to read on They have an interview with both Robert Hudson and Tim Hildebrandt (guitar/vocals), which you can find here. They speak mostly of their second album, "Nothin' Fancy. But be sure to check this, their earliest songs, out. You'll love it. Showdown.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Don Bowman - From Mexico With Laughs (1967)

Crazy man Don Bowman again. Mexican style. He must've figured, since Herb Alpert was cashing in on the Mexican vibe in the 60's, that he could make a good buck too? Well... Let's just say, Don isn't exactly Herb. Thank god. But it gets funny alright. I have included the b-side of the "Tijuana Drum And Bugle Corps" single, a song called "Little Leroy", as a bonus track. Laugh!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Rick Cunha - Folkscene (1976)

This recording has Rick Cunha live in the studio with some help from Jeff Gilkinson. Folkscene was a radio show on Los Angeles' KPFK station. On this episode we hear Rick playing and talking one year after his "Moving Pictures" was recorded (which wouldn't be released until 1980). The recording suffers from rather heavy tape hiss, but you'll get used to that if you're interested in Rick's career. Later in his musical life, Rick would join Na Kama Hele, playing Hawaiian music. Here we already hear him talk lovingly about Hawaiian music, though the songs played are mostly in the vein of his two solo albums. If you haven't heard Rick before, I suggest you start with his "Cunha Songs" album. If you already know and love his studio albums, get this.