Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who's playing? Need your help...

Somebody sent me a snippet of a song and asked me who it's by. I don't know. I need your help. Anybody? Listen.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of TR Crooks with the re-release of the original album (Kickstarter)

In 1976 a band of southern rockers from northwest Tennessee formed a band that has become legendary in Southern Rock lore in the last 40 years.  T. R. Crooks, named after a old time cigar, released their first and only album featuring songs like Farmin' Man,  Song of David, Waitin' for a Better Day, White Lighting and more that are still as popular today as they were in the rocking Seventies.  Only 1000 copies of the original album were released and even today, copies of that album are selling for hundreds of dollars on EBay.  With your help, the surviving members of T.R. Crooks are going to re-release the original album again ON VINYL. They will also be releasing, to some lucky donors, the music on CD as well as unreleased tracks from the aborted second album.  Help make history happen again and join the campaign to see T.R. Crooks on vinyl once again!  

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Jimmy and Rickey Stewart (Tennessee River Crooks) interview

Tennessee River Crooks were unknown to most of us a few months ago. After having introduce it to you, we were fortunate to be contacted by the band. We jumped at the opportunity and asked the obvious questions to the Stewart brothers.

English version of Bands Of Dixie interview
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