Saturday, August 23, 2008

Amazing Rhythm Aces - Mystery Train (1975)

If you're expecting another full album, I'm sorry. One track is all you get here. Everything by Amazing Rhythm Aces has been released on CD and can be purchased easily. This song however has not yet seen the digital light of day.
Originally released in 1975, this was the b-side to 'Third Rate Romance'. The song 'Mystery Train' was written by Herman Parker and Sam Phillips (of Sun Records) and it's a nice addition to their 'Stacked Deck' album. Why it was never added as a bonus track to the CD release is beyond me. But here you have it.


Roch Geneology said...

You made my day! I have been an Aces Fan since the start, and seen them about 4 times since they reformed.

I one every album, both in vinyl and CD. I had never heard this song, it was certainly not on my copy of the old Stacked Deck lp.

Only one tongue in cheek criticism. The info in the MP3 file says its by "Amazing Rhtyhm Ace". To quote their last album release in their first go round, "How the hell do you spell rhythm? - George R.

Skydogg said...

Dear George, surely you mean Rithum?! Haha. But thanks for your comment. I'll just leave the error in the file, since it's almost of historical significance.. Glad you enjoyed the post.
Eat a peach,