Sunday, March 09, 2008

Raging Slab - From A Southern Space (1991)

I love Raging Slab. They're a wild bunch and they make me wanna get up and boogie! This album, From A Southern Space, was not released in 1991. It was meant to follow up their first major label release (entitled "Raging Slab", RCA 1989) but was rejected by the label. Luckily the recordings are 'around', so you get a chance to enjoy this just the same.
If you love the 1989 album and "Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert", you won't mind owning this. The Slab sounding like they should be sounding: hot 'n' nasty! Get it while it's hot!


maurofelipe76 said...

Love the Slab. Thanks for posting these man!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot fot all these Raging Slab albums,splendid!
Cheers Dan.