Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bandit - Bandit (1975)

Right, so this is not a Southern band. But when I started digging for Southern Rock in the late 80's, little information was to be found on Southern Rock at all, especially in Europe. No internet at the time, I gathered my initial knowledge from books (yes, books!). I learned about Bandit from 'The International Encyclopedia of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal' by Tony Jasper and Derek Oliver (of Kerrang! magazine). In the entry on Bandit hardly any info is given at all, besides the fact that, if anything, they had a slightly Southern style. More information I found on the wonderful blog 'Robots For Ronnie'. Well, it's true though, they do sound Southern at times. More so in the vein of acts like Oklahoma, Les Dudek or Duke Williams & The Extremes. They're rocking out alright, sometimes Funky, sometimes touching Power Pop. And nice vocals all over. It's a very good album and I just love the third track. It's called 'Woman' and should please fans of Cry Of Love. Also noteworthy is Bandit's rendition of 'Evil Woman', originally a Crow song, though probably better known done by Black Sabbath. C'mon y'all, keep on laughin'!