Monday, December 10, 2012

RIP Bryan Cole

Bryan Cole, former Mose Jones drummer, died a few hours ago at the hospital at the age of 61 years. 

After Mose Jones, Bryan worked as a studio musician, songwriter and producer, especially for Ichiban Records and studios Kala in Atlanta. 

He had to retire at age 50 due to serious health problems. It is these problems that bring back him to the hospital a few days ago for surgery.

I had the opportunity to interview him two times and each time, it was very pleasant moments, thanks to his kindness and his involvement. Bryan was someone really endearing. 

The Mose Jones stuff is present on Skydog's Elysium. Some of the records were kindly sent by Bryan.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Gig Michaels (SwampDaWamp) interview

The music of SwampDaWamp is impressing you? It's a safe bet that the Gig Michaels character will impress you just as much! Interview with this singer whose charisma transpires into his words.

English version of Bands Of Dixie interview.

Tim Kelliher (The Buster Cousins Band / Galloway & Kelliher) interview

Already five years that the great Galloway & Kelliher's "Outlaws & Renegades" has been released. We sincerely hoped for a following episode... but the new stuff will be Buster's Cousins! We have an update with Tim Kelliher on this project and his future plans.

English version of Bands Of Dixie interview

Monday, October 08, 2012

Mylon LeFevre - In Concert (1970)

Thanks to Jared for pointing me in the right direction, where this fine recording is concerned. Hot live show of Mylon & Holy Smoke doing justice to his spectacular first Southern Rock album "Mylon". This registration from 1970 has a comfortable atmosphere and the songs are played with heart and soul. Great vocals, as usual, by Mylon. And a perfect sound overall. Sure, it's got Gospel, but it's excellent Southern Rock too. If you dig Mylon at all, sure nuff, you'll love this. Good heavens!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Wayne Berry - Home At Last (1974)

"Home At Last" is a very pleasant and good album by Wayne Berry. Formerly a member of L.A. Country Rock outfit Timber (Two albums. I have "Bring America Home", which I will not post unless there'd be great demand.), this solo album should actually please a lot of readers of this blog. It's not the harder Southern Rock, instead it has lots of similarities to the Southern Country Rock/Southern Singer-Songwriter output. Kinda laid back, but not comatose. Quite a surprise to me, since I so much disliked the Timber album. Wayne has a very nice voice, which he combines with some great tunes. I don't know much about the man's career, other than that at one time he played with Tommy Talton (of Cowboy) and that he did record a second solo album which was never released. This is a new rip, provided by the French Connection. Not the rip I found while working on this. Hm. So, until there's more, enjoy this.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Dorman Cogburn (Alias) interview and chronology

In the world of bands having gravitated around Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Alias story is one of the least documented. Having had the opportunity to get in touch with one of its founders, Dorman Cogburn, Bands Of Dixie jumped at the chance to ask him some questions. And Didier Julien took the opportunity to establish a chronology.

English version of Bands Of Dixie interview.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gary Jeffries interview

The common thread between Asphalt Ballet, Coup De Ville, the Regulators, Alligator Stew? Gary Jeffries of course! Here is an endearing rocker, an honest and uncompromising artist who doesn't calculate and who gives all to the music he loves... Southern rock!

English version of Bands Of Dixie interview.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bands Of Dixie interviews archives on (English versions)

All the interviews listed here

Some of it:

(*) Michael Limnios publishes a lot of interviews on Michalis Limnios BLUES @ GREECE.
One is with Dick Wooley (Capricorn records).

Monday, February 06, 2012

Co-bloggers wanted

Since I have increasingly less time to spend on this blog - but still have plenty to post - I would like to know if there are any volunteers out there that are inclined to help me out here.
If you think you could work with a control freak like me, drop me a line on my email address.

Eat a peach,