Saturday, November 26, 2016

John Rehmel (Southern Thunder Project) interview for Bands Of Dixie (published in issue #105 (July - August 2015)

Southern rock is traditionally a matter of bands and, this, maybe even more than elsewhere. By the way, the "Band" term is frequently used in Southern rock group names, and browse the issue #50 of your favorite magazine and you’ll see that all the fifty best releases have been made by bands. But now is appearing an other form of creative organization, still collective, but more punctual and bringing together musicians from different origins. First were Brothers Of The Southland, then Dixie Tabernacle and - to some extent - Dusty King James and now comes the Southern Thunder Project. John Rehmel tells us about this project.

English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with John Rehmel.

Billy Crain interview (published in Bands Of Dixie #102, January - February 2015)

A lot of events happened to Billy Crain since our previous interview. A dark period opened for him with a succession of misfortunes. He tells about it as well off course as its new record. Third interview subject: we know the Billy Crain qualities as guitar player but Billy appears increasingly to be also a nice singer.

English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with Billy Crain

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Eddie Stone interview for Bands Of Dixie (published in issue #101, november - december 2014)

Doc Holliday is back!
Doc Holliday is back!
Doc Holliday is back on the road... what a surprise!
Yes, this Doc Holliday is without John Samuelson, Danny “Cadillac” Lastinger and, above all, Bruce Brookshire, and it can raise questions...
But the presence in this new Doc Holliday of Rob Walker, the great Stillwater guitar player and close friend of the band, but also of Michael Gilbert, ex guitar player of Preacher Stone, are great assets for the band...
To talk about this Doc Holliday new start, was it a better than to meet Eddie Stone, the historical keyboard player of the band?
The opportunity to talk also about his solo career and his adventures with Grinderswitch, Wet Willie, the Winters Brothers, etc.

English version of the Bands Of Dixie interview with Eddie Stone

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Gig Michaels (Swamp da Wamp) interview for Bands Of Dixie (archive, 2015)

A lot of readers are keeping in mind the noteworthy Gig Michaels interview from 2012. It was natural for Bands Of Dixie to offer a new interview with this colorful figure. The opportunity was a little overdue but finally the new Swamp da Wamp album is out... We talked about it with Gig.

January 2016 addition: this interview was done September 2015. Gig Michaels died January 3, 2016 just hours before his 52nd birthday. The death of this fabulous and endearing artist is a great loss for all the music lovers.

English version of Bands Of Dixie interview with Gig Michaels.

Sweet Pain interview for Bands Of Dixie (archive, 2014)

As every ten years, it is, this year (2014), the Czech Music Year. If traditional music, jazz or rock aren’t forgotten, first and foremost are celebrated the classical composers. And Southern rock? Apparently nobody thinks about it while the Czech Republic is perhaps the land outside the United States where the Southern rock is the more active. No, the czech rather celebrate Antonín Dvorák, the most famous of the national composers, with his Symphony of the New World ... a work that notably results from the dazzle of Dvorák by the black music in the South. This same music was also fundamental in the birth of the rock through the blues. And it was one of the roots of the specificity of the cultural Southern soil in which the Southern rock owes its special feeling. This feeling, this atmosphere are what mainly attract Sweet Pain in the Southern rock and guide the band to define its own musical way. It’s one thing that emerges from this interview done while the band celebrates his ten years career. The quality of their albums, especially the new one, "I Believe In Your Lovin'", one of the best album of the European Southern rock, ranks Sweet Pain among the most interesting bands of our continent. It was time to get to know better Sweet Pain. Zvonicek Michal, Petr Smutný and Jirka Cástka explain everything.

English version of Bands Of Dixie interview with Sweet Pain.