Monday, August 04, 2008

Shooter Jennings - Bonnaroo Music Festival (2006)

Shooter Jennings is Waylon's son. Like you didn't know. So, do you wonder whether he's got it in him too? Can he follow in the footsteps of his father. You bet yer sweet poopah he can. Not only is he a worthy heir to his father, he's also the (only) one doing justice to the legacy of Ronnie Van Zant. He's doing what Skynyrd so desperately need to be doing. But they're not. And Shooter does.
Shooter's released three studio albums as a solo artist. Before that he was in a band called Stargunn (which I recently found as well). But his solo albums are great Southern Rock affairs, obviously mixed with a heavy dose of outlaw country. But a hell of a lot more sincere than e.g. Travis Tritt.
Shooter's the real deal. I saw him play a while back and I was really impressed by the genuineness of the man, his band and the music. So give it a shot. Here's Shooter.

Just to whet your appetite (in case you still have doubts?), here's a video from Shooter's first album. If you like it, I suggest you go buy all his albums. You won't be disappointed.

Shooter Jennings - Steady At The Wheel


Anonymous said...

Are you aware of the shitheel who runs this blog ripping off your links and reposting them as his own?
He's ripped off posts of mine in the past too, it's most annoying.
I've called him on it, but he has comment moderation on, so the comments never appear on his blog.
No reply was ever forthcoming.
It might be worth adding your blog address to your mp3 tags so folks can see where this guy's pinching from.
On a more positive note, the Jackson Highway album is great, keep up the good work.
Many thanks as always,
Bigfoot Kit

Skydogg said...

Thanks Bigfoot Kit,
And yes, I had noticed. I don't approve of the way, but I'm not gonna let it it bother me. My own rips always have a tag inside. I guess it's the difference between a record store and Walmart. I wouldn't mention him on my blogroll (as soon as I have one, haha!)...

Anonymous said...

Just thought i'd bring it to your attention, i know and appreciate the work involved in what you do and it really gets on my tits to see some jackanape dishonestly pass off your (& others) work as his own.
At the very least he should be reposting the original links and giving you credit.
Unfortunately not everyone sees things like that.
Still, i suppose he's helping spread the Southern word, and for that he should be applauded, albeit quietly.
Again, my many thanks for the sterling work you put in here. It is very much appreciated.
Best wishes,
Bigfoot Kit

Skydogg said...

Bottom line is I agree completely with what you say. And thanks. I have been grabbing from your blog as well. One of the first I found.
So thanks for that too!