Friday, June 02, 2017

Gregg Allman Band - Nashville '88 (1988)

To me, Gregg Allman was the main man of Southern Rock. Brother, what a shocker to learn of his recent passing. And to think I passed up my last chance to go see him live last year, because of other obligations, hoping to catch him next year or so. Well, not. Anyway, I guess most of you feel pretty much the same way I do. What a legacy, what a voice, such beautiful musical contributions over 50 years. To offer some small consolation (thanks Jean!), here is a pretty cool live show from 1988 of Gregg performing at The Cannery in Nashville, TN. It's an FM broadcast, so the recording is actually quite good and crisp sounding. Gregg, I'm gonna miss you. Still got your music, though. And a new one coming up soon? Let's hope it's a burner (I believe it could very well be!). Until then, get some Sweet Feeling.