Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Swallow - Swallow (1973)

This, the second album by Swallow, was recorded at Studio One in Atlanta, Georgia. Home to the Atlanta Rhythm Section and produced by Buddy Buie. But the Atlanta Rhythm Section-connection doesn't end there. This album also features musical contributions by ARS guitar men Barry Bailey and J.R. Cobb. So, although they hail from Boston, no right-minded Southern Rock fan should pass this one up. Yes, it's a hot little record which spans the horizon from boogie to big-horn-funk. Sounds like Blood Sweat & Tears down South. Ace performances of great songs, which leaves you with a good feeling wanting more. And then you can, of course, always continue this party with their first, "Out Of The Nest". But this is where Southern Rock fans start the journey. A short one, cause after this album it all ended. Let it roll..

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jean.fouilleul said...

I love this album; it's exactly southern-rock with horns. Thanks very much for this post! And your blog is really fantastic.
Thanks again.