Saturday, March 06, 2010

Atlanta Rhythm Section - Smiling Dog Saloon '75 (1975 )

Continuing honoring requests for the Atlanta Rhythm Section, I present this scorching live show from 1975. Not "Are You Ready", their official live album, but easily just as good. Whereas the studio albums of ARS are always a bit of a Pop affair, live they sure do rock. Sound quality of this concert registration is excellent. And it features a terrific extended version of "Another Man's Woman". Help yourself.


Jenaclap said...

Yeah, I'm sure they do rock too!
Many thanks.


Anxious Mo-Fo said...

This is a great concert, thanks!

Such a shame that they always made such carefully crafted pop albums instead of more rocking affairs like this.

I'd love to get more live ARS.

Anonymous said...

GREAT! I always liked ARS but their studio albums were all patchy. Anyway, on stage they rule!! And this one is even rockier than "Are you ready". THANKS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!