Saturday, March 20, 2010

John Porter McMeans of Thunder: Where is he now?

I was wondering if anybody out there knows what John Porter McMeans has been up to since Thunder and his solo album. I know he's played with Dan Seals. And he's been playing with, one of many bands called, Shiloh: "John Porter McMeans sang with the group Shiloh on a track called “Judgement Day” back in the late 90’s. It was featured on an American Civil War album of some kind.".
Does anyone know of other recordings? Or better, have any to share? Thanks.

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brokrguy said...

Hey, Skydog!

John Porter McMeans is my uncle. Glad to hear you're a big fan. He's alive and well and living in Gallatin, TN. He hasn't been doing much musically since Dan passed away. A few years back I was diagnosed with bone cancer and my folks threw a dinner & music benefit for me in my hometown of Cullman, AL. The highlight of the night was an acoustic set starring Dan Seals, Jim Seals, and Porter - a night I'll never forget.

I can probably get you in touch with Porter if you'd like to contact him about any of his "rare tracks" or whatever...

Shane McMeans