Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don Bowman - Support Your Local Prison (1969)

"Support Your Local Prison" is Don Bowman at his very best. Again. This time the theme is prison and Don's sure taking the p**s out of all that heavy s**t. Like "The Top Ten" in which an elderly couple is musing kindheartedly, while looking at a picture of their only son, who just made it to number one in the top ten. The top ten of the most wanted criminals list, that is. This also features a truly hilarious version of "Folsom Prison Blues" and his hit song, "Poor Old Ugly Gladys Jones", featuring Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Bobby Bare. And then there's a 18 minute long parody on the Arlo Guthrie song "Alice's Restaurant". You might as well get high on that. As a bonus I've included a single with the tracks "Another Puff" and, Don looking back on how he got so big to begin with, "I Owe It All To You Chit Akins". Just list-in!..


Lester said...

Cool stuff from a classic kook. Thanks!

Caffeinefiend said...

Thank you *SO* much! Never heard this one before - Can't wait!
Thanks for making it available.

CraigH said...

Wow! Nice Don Bowman collection! There isn't any chance you have the "Still Fighting Mental Health" LP? I used to have that album and the "Dirty Don" [love that one] 45 and lost them years ago and have been trying to get them again ever since. Keep up the great work.