Saturday, March 20, 2010

Larry Jon Wilson - Sojourner (1979)

"Sojourner": is the last of the four albums Larry Jon Wilson made for the Monument label in the 70's. And yet again, it is one of the prime examples of classic Outlaw Country. The very best of its kind. Frank sent me this rip (thank you!) and I was pleased to hear that it's every bit as good as the previous three. Great song selection, that wonderful voice of Larry Jon and beautiful arrangements. Yes, sometimes a little mushy but always delicious. It is truly beyond me why these albums are not available on CD. These are timeless classic which should be obtainable at any time. Well, that's how I feel. Hey people, if you dig Outlaw Country and haven't heard of Larry Jon Wilson, do yourselves a favor and get into this. It's just a matter of time.


Tommy C said...

Wow, Finally! Been waiting for this a long time. Thanks to you and to Frank for this Larry Jon Wilson.

M Tree said...

Holy Frijole!

I have never seen a copy of this album actually available.
Thanks Skydog!

Jim said...

Six Shot Revival is from Atlanta Ga.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Cy
I've been off line for over four months and so enjoyed the last postings of Larry Jon Wilson.....thanks for making this one available..I usually spin Outlaw Country as I prepare to hit the sack...sort of helps bring on sleep time?
Hey I've never been against a bit of 'mushy' in among the 'rough''s all a matter of letting the razor co-exist with the satin....
thanks for all that happens in Skydog...
Cy from Pck

Skydogg said...

Larry Jon Wilson - Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Reggie Young, John Christopher, Steve Gibson, Mac Gayden - Guitars
Tommy Cogbill, Mike Leech - Bass
Bobby Wood, Bobby Emmons - Keyboards
Bobby Ogdin - Moog Synthesizer
Hayward Bishop - Drums
Farrell Morris - Percussion
Greg "Fingers" Taylor - Harmonica
The Shelly Kurland Strings
Patti Leatherwood, Janie Fricke, Lea Jane Berinati, Mickey Newbury, Johnny Rodriguez, Larry Gatlin, Steve Gatlin, Rudy Gatlin, Dave Loggins - Vocal Harmonies

Recorded at Creative Workshop, Studio One Inc. and Woodland Sound Studio
Engineers: Brent Maher, Stan Dacus, Tommy Strong, David McKinley and Danny Hilley

from the liner notes:

SOJOURNER - (def) "A brief visitor in a strange place"

"Larry Jon, when you were 13 I could tell that you were destined to be a nocturnal sojourner and here you are, 24 years later, exactly that - so here's to you" (a toast from Bill Lenz at Papa Joe's Pizza Place, N. Augusta, S.C. on my birthday, October 7, 1977.
I dedicate this album to my wife "Pot" for teaching me the intricacies of survival - and Bill Lenz, 25 year broadcasting veteran of WBBQ, Augusta, Gerogia, who gave us our honeymoon as a wedding present. L. J. Wilson

boppinbob said...

Thanks for introducing me to Larry Jon. Totally new experience. Had to listen to all four albums. Such a brilliant songwriter...amd what a voice!

Anonymous said...

A great discovery. thanks.

Dan Smith said...

LJ Wilson has been my favorite singer since about 1970 or so (when he was singing at Steak and Ale in Augusta) and I swear to god I never heard him characterized as "outlaw country." He's a lot of things, but he wasn't an outlaw and he was only occasionally country. I miss hell out of him.

imnokid said...

Had a crsh & lost this. Thanx for all you've done and keeping the links alive.