Monday, December 01, 2008

Rick Cunha - Moving Pictures (1975)

This is the second album by Rick Cunha. It was recorded in 1975 as follow up to "Cunha Songs", though it took until 1980 for it to be released by Sierra/CBS. The style is very similar to that first album. It's Country Rock mostly, but Rick has his way with subtleties. And again he has Waylon strummin' an' hummin' along on some songs. And Jessi Colter.
This album isn't gonna blow your speakers. It's pleasant music for winding down in the evening, or outside in the sun whilst entertaining the family. You can't dance to it, can't bang you head to it, but it's a real nice record to just listen to. Good ol' days...


Anonymous said...

so so many thanks this good album,, hundred times thanks.

and could you let me know credit name this album please?

Skydogg said...

Rick Cunha - Guitars, vocals
Jeff Gilkinson - Harmonica, banjo, vocals
Thad Maxwell - Steel guitar, vocals
Colin Cameron - Bass
David Kemper - Drums
Loren Newkirk - Acoustic piano
Larry Muhoberac - Electric piano
Jennifer Warnes - Vocals
John Crowley - Vocals
David Dawson - Vocals
Larry Murray - Vocals
Waylon Jennings - Vocals, electric guitar
Jessi Colter - Vocals
Sherman Hayes - Vocals
Elmo Peeler - String arrangements
Dennis Karmazyn - Cello
Charles Veal - Violin
Tom Buffum - Violin
Polly Sweeney - Violin
David Campbell - Viola
Jim Gordon - Sax, flute, clarinet
Dick "Styde" Hyde - Trombone
Mack Johnson - Trumpet

Produced by Ken Mansfield

Kadek55 said...

Love this one!!

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for your answering credit names
there are such lots of good musicians here.
no wonder they make a wonderfull album.

i add a link here
The Cates Gang - Come Back Home (1973)

don't know alread found this,,

hwabian from korea

Skydogg said...

you're welcome, and thank you very much for the link. I didn't have it yet.

peach out

PETER GUNN said...

Thank you very much for saving these gems from oblivion. They testimonies of artistic greatness.

Skydogg said...

Thanks, enjoy & I agree wholeheartedly ;-)