Saturday, December 13, 2008

Duke Williams & The Extremes - A Monkey In A Silk Suit Is Still A Monkey (1973)

This album gets in by the Capricorn connection. I don't know much about Duke Williams & The Extremes, but I don't think they were actually from the South. They did however move to Macon to record two albums for the Capricorn label, this one being the first.
Released in 1973, this album is quite a soulful and funky experience. I hadn't heard this album before, and when I noticed there were some Soul classics covered here I was anxious this would be a lame Blue-Eyed attempt at playing Soul music. Well, thankfully I was wrong. This is one of the nicer surprises I had, while I have been blogging. No bland reproductions of classics here. They make it their own and get away with it very well. And there are some great originals. I'm really happy with this album. Makes me curious what the man has been doing after their second album. And if there are more recordings since. My first high of the day, today.


Jenaclap said...

Great Capricorn album! Many thanks for your effort. I specially apreciate in this blog your genuine albums comments!


Skydogg said...

you're very welcome Jenaclap. and thanks for dropping by.

eat a peach,

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your great work! Phenomenal rarities!

By the way - got something for you, too! I´ve just uploaded this very rare and never released McHayes promo-album LESSONS IN LONELY:


The BavarianSouthStateRocker

Skydogg said...

Thanks a lot, you with thereallylongnickname! I'll check it out. It's postable?

Anonymous said...

Hi Skydogg,

Actually I´ve been very lucky some years ago to get the original promo copy of that McHayes album. Unfortunately it was never released and I don´t think that it will get released in near future. I´ve seen seen some copys on e-bay, but they´ve sold for nearly 400,-$

Decide by yourself if you like to post it - very cool stuff, my favorit is TeleMan - cool mixture of country and southern rock. It´s top quality at 320 kbit

If you need some mire informations, check wikipedia at:


The BavarianSouthStateRocker

Anonymous said...


I'm a friend of Duke Williams. We are launching his website now, and getting him up on Twitter and Facebook. Just gettin started.. should be done by Mid-April.

I would be happy to get a few of Dukes CDs together for you and send them your way. Maybe you could email me your address and info so I can get something out to you for a review?

Thanks for the comments about Duke's album. Maybe you will feel the same about some of the others. All the music will be online soon.

- John

dwight schrutte said...

bless you for having both of Dukes albums here - my old LP's were so worn out.
If you ever find those other two,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Thanks again