Monday, November 24, 2008

Law - Hold On To It (1978)

Alright. This is the third and last album of Law. What started out as a Southern Rock band gone Funk, by now it's mostly Funk. But with Rock. And at times you might be so lucky to hear some trademark Southern Rock tricks. Some tasty guitar playing. And it's fun. I love it. But I'm funny that way.
This, yet again, is a rip by Nozmokinh. I think he must be smoking. (Thanks man.) I did some cleaning up and tagged it beautifully for your convenience. I really dig most of this album, though I do prefer the other two. But maybe it's because I'm just starting to get acquainted with this album. And there are two re-recorded songs from their first album, which both sound peachy. And it's good. Get it.

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