Tuesday, December 16, 2008

McHayes - Lessons In Lonely (2003)

Okay, this is Country. No Southern Rock to be found here. But I figured since y'all love Southern Rock, chances are you dig some Country too?
Anyway, this is not in line with what I usually post. And I won't make a habit out of it. It's way too straight for me. But it's good. McHayes were a duo: Wade Hayes and Mark McClurg. This album was supposed to be released in 2003, but it got shelved instead. And then they got off the label's roster. And the music being kept from having an audience.
Like I said, it's Country straight up. Some Honky Tonk, some New Hats, slick but well played. If you like that, then this is yours and shouldn't go to waste.
So until this gets a release, I think this would be alright to post. I hope. The only other way you might get a chance to check this out, is if you want to pay up to nearly $400 on E-Bay. And guess who's making money off of that?
Thanks to The BavarianSouthStateRocker (pastecopy) for this contribution. Ride 'em cowboy.


Jenaclap said...

Usually I don't like too much simple country and new americana music (you know, the repeat guitar sounds and voices like a can of Coke and a McDonald's burger) but i have to say that this is a very special jewell of songs. Good telecasters and soul voices. I must to repeat and repeat hearing "Don't Wait Till It's Gone" ...because it's simply beautiful.
So many thanks


Anonymous said...

yeah, awesome post - even if its a country album! thanks to the BavarianSouthStateRocker! i love TELECASTER MAN - very cool song - and vg guitars! cheers man and thanks to skydog for the cool posts!


Anonymous said...

Thank you a MILLION times over for posting this!! I have been looking for this for a very long time. Huge fan of Wade's. He's got a new CD out finally, if you're interested you can check out clips at wadehayes.com. Thanks again, you made my day!!

Skydogg said...

Sorry, but this link is dead. I'd like to re-up it, but unfortunately I lost the file. Anybody out there who grabbed this and still has it? Let me know...