Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rick Cunha - Cunha Songs (1974)

This is one of my all time favorite albums. It's also one of those albums that is virtually impossible to categorize. It's not Southern Rock, though 'Jesse James (Is An Outlaw, Honey)' sure comes close. It's not Country, though at times it is. Maybe Outlaw Country? Well, it's Waylon-endorsed. He sings back-up. But it's the exciting, creative side of Outlaw Country. And it's also Country Rock, though it has nothing to do with West Coast slickness or Nitty Gritty bluegrass.
Rick Cunha started out with a band called Hearts & Flowers, who were like the forerunners of Country Rock, along with the Byrds and the Dillards. Cunha left after their first album and wound up in Nashville, playing with Emmylou Harris' Hot Band. At that time he also recorded two solo albums, this one being the first. The second, 'Moving Pictures' was recorded in 1975, but wasn't released until 1980. After that I lost track, though I did have a radio broadcast of him doing Hawaii music.
This album, though, is really the one to have. It's an eclectic happening, but it's happening alright. It features the song 'Yo Yo Man' and has the only Country song I know of that lasts over ten minutes.
I was a little reluctant to rip this, since the vinyl I have wasn't in mint condition. But it turned out fairly okay. I just played it and I was loving every minute of it. So, give it a try. A little yo yo music...


bigfootkit said...

This one looks interesting, thanks.
Any chance you could list my new blog in your links, thanks in advance.

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bigfootkit said...

Does HAYSEED DIXIE's "Kiss My Grass" count? It'll be in part 2 of the great Kiss tribute album post.
Not to worry, there'll be plenty o' Southern stuff too over the months.

Skydogg said...

Rick Cunha – Vocals, guitars
David Briggs – Piano, electric piano
Jerry Carrigan – Drums
Tommy Cogbill – Bass
Reggie Young – Guitars
Don Brooks – Harmonica

With stellar musical contributions by:
Waylon Jennings
Gary Scruggs
Randy Scruggs
The Cates Sisters
Weldon Myrick
The Nashville Edition
David Dawson
Steve Norman
Jennifer Warnes
Donna Weiss
Donna Washburn
Joe Osborne
John Guerin
Larry Carlton
Larry Muhoberac
Jeff Gilinson
Bill Cunningham

Produced by Ken Mansfield