Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Rolling Thunder Band - Kick In The Asphalt (1997)

On the Sea Level's last recorded release, the single "Make You Feel Love Again", lead vocals were handled by Blue Miller. I had never heard of him before, but boy, what a great singer! So, I did some searching and found (well, actually Wayne found this one. thanks!) some albums he sang on. He never made it to the big league, but for those who try, there is stuff with Blue out there. His vocal style is very reminiscent to Bob Seger's. Blue at one time worked with Bob, and apparently learned a trick or two. This album was made for NASCAR. I don't quite know how that works, since I'm not a race-car fan. I'm under the impression, nevertheless, that this was a one off thing, meant to be just that. However, it appears that this was first released as "Kick In The Asphalt", with no clue whether that was the name of the record or the band, and then it was released with a band name, the Rolling Thunder Band. At first I was somewhat shocked, thinking this was a brainless piece of 90's Nashville Country Rock, all about cars and partying. It's still about that, but the album definitely grows on me. It's a great band, enjoyable songs and magnificent vocals by Blue. This is good. No bull.


Anonymous said...

A little more info on this : it wasnt quite NASCAR it was made for, it was the RJ Renolds tobacco company, copys were given away at the Winston cigerette trailer with samples of thier cigerettes, I got my copy during the Pepsi 400 race at Daytona Speedway in 1997, Cheers

Skydogg said...

I read in more pages that people got it for. Makes you winder what making this album was all about in the first place? Some sponsored project. Still, very enjoyable record. Oh, and credit goes to Wayne, who sent me this. Thanks man.

Anonymous said...

I recently found an unopened copy at a thrift store in Winston NC... Being a huge NASCAR fan I stuck it in my car on the way home.... Good stuff!! I love it. Just looking online for some research on the band and cd... Thanks!