Monday, February 28, 2011

Randy Howard - Now And Then (1976)

For those of you who enjoyed Outlaw Country singer Randy Howard, here's a treat. Thanks to the wonderful Kathleen for finding this and sending me the vinyl. The result is a sweet rip of the super rare debut album by Randy. This was released in 1976 on Utopian Records and it's more solid Country than I thought it would be. I figured since he's from Macon and this being 1976, there would be more Southern Rock influences. But that's not the case. What you do get is the kind of Outlaw Country that Hank, Jr. and Tommy Jennings produced. No sugar-coated Nashville Country here, but honest to goodness music, straight from the heart. Already you Randy possesses that rich low voice of his, and the music is all well written and played. You can play this one over and over again. Something else.


Hippy Karen said...

Randy Howard is about the best thing I've discovered on your blog since Joe Sun. I'm a big fan of Outlaw Country and this album kicks ass. Thank you once again Skydog!

Dr. DiLullu said...

Thank you so very much for bringing back all these treasures from oblivion.
Unfortunately the link is gone for
If possible could you please reupload

Best regards

Vickie Buchanan said...

Is it possible to buy a copy of the album " Now & Then " by Randy?

Vickie Buchanan said...

Does anyone out there have a copy of Randy Howard's Now & Then I can buy?

Skydogg said...

It was sent to me as a gift from a reader of the blog (cheers Kathleen) who loved the first Randy Howard post. This is pretty rare, I think. I'm proud to be an owner ;-)

Tamera Brown said...

Keep an eye out on EBay...copies turn up on there “every now and then”