Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cowboy - A Different Time (The Best Of Cowboy)

Cowboy was a band lead by Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton, which put out records from 1970 up to 1977. In between they released the T. Talton, B. Stewart, J. Sandlin album "Happy To Be Alive", which was pretty much yet another Cowboy piece. The music Cowboy played is a lot less rocking than contemporaries like The Allman Brothers Band, Black Oak Arkansas or Lynyrd Skynyrd. Instead, Cowboy relied on a somewhat Folk/Hippie kind of laid back Southern Country Rock. If that makes any sense. Pretty good music, though. And some great guest players along for the fun. Like Duane Allman, Chuck Leavell, Randall Bramblett, Dru Lombar, Jaimoe and Toy Caldwell. Then again, Boyer and Talton have been playing along with quite a few good folks as well, like backing up Gregg Allman in the 70's on his solo tour. And lots more, you do the searching. They are still active musically. Some of my favorite songs, some of which you may know from being covered by others, are "All My Friends", "Living In The Country" (on The Alabama State Troupers), "Please Be With Me" and"It Might Be The Rain". And they're all on this out-of-print-best-of. Everything here..


Anonymous said...

Always one of my favorites. Just some good ol laid back music like they used to make.

Anonymous said...

Amazing band and amazing album. Thankfully they're touring again!

Thanks for posting!

Terry Reeves, Atlanta, GA
Booking agent for Cowboy

Howard E said...

Extra nice! Haven't heard these tunes in an age. Thanks, dogg!

Anonymous said...

any chance of getting this re-upped?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much... this is a very rare treat.