Thursday, May 06, 2010

Whiskey River - Whiskey River (1978)

This is the first album released by Whiskey River. I posted their second release a while back with the promise to post this. And I was getting asked about it too. Well, here it is. Another fine contribution by Luc (who's been one of my main providers). Thanks man. As for the music, it's another batch of Southern Country Rock. Not always as strong as the second album, this slice of vinyl breathes enthusiasm and will keep you up and up all night. About half the songs are originals, the other half covers. Nice version of Waylon's "Rainy Day Woman". And lots of fiddlin' about.. Southern Rock with the emphasis on Country Pickin'.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Production quality lacks, but still a joy to listen to.

OZARK said...

That Whiskey River band 2 lp:s were new stuff for me.
On there´s some interesting live tracks for downloading.
Thanks a lot for this blog!!!