Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chris Anderson - Old Friend (1995)

Chris Anderson is a name that could ring a bell with fans of The Outlaws. Chris played with The Outlaws from 1986–1989 and has rejoined in 2005. In between he also played with Blackhawk. This is quite different fare, though. Recorded in 1995, this was pretty much the thing to do at the time: record an album full of uneventful, contemporary Blues Rock. Much in the vein of the Gary Moore blues albums, this is slick, rather bland Blues Rock. Les Dudek made an album like that too, very forgettable. But there are some gems hidden here, which will make you pleased having taken the trouble getting it. And if you like (Southern) Blues Rock, this could knock you off your feet. I guess. My favorite track is "Jake's Song", which makes it pretty clear we're on Southern Rock turf here. And I basically enjoy the second half of this album very much. Thanks to Templar33 for bringing this to my (and your) attention. I lost some e-mails, so I'm not sure that's what he calls himself. Anyway, good stuff. Trust me.


Luc said...

Some serious players with Anderson: Banner Thomas (Molly Hatchet), Matt Abts (Dickey Bettsn Gov't Mule) and Mike Kach (Dickey Betts). Warren Haynes on slide on one track.

And my favorite song is the slow blues "Life Is Hard".

Anonymous said...

Very Beam Album !!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome cd here that has held up to time. No overplaying like on the Gary Moore blues cds. Chris Anderson is very tasteful. The Anderson and Warren Haynes penned Old Friend made it's debut here years before it was recorded again with the Allman Brothers Band.