Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Live Bait - EP (1995?)

Live Bait is a band connected to Ned and features Norman Reim. This is a four song EP, which sounds like it was demo sold at live shows. It was provided to us all by Slidewell, and this is the information he had on this project:
Unfortunately Live Bait never came within a country mile of a recording contract. These 4 songs were self-produced and were basically a souvenir for the lucky few attending their rare live performances in the wilds of central New Jersey. The band consisted of:
Norman Reim: vocals, guitar
Kenny Heller: lead guitar
Max Crandall: drums
Anita Crandall: bass
Musically it's easygoing Americana really. Some definite Southern flavor, but any Outlaw Country fan would be just as pleased. Sometimes it reminded me a lot of Billy Joe Shaver. Very enjoyable. These day Ned are back as a unit again. Having released another CD as well, you can find out about that on their website. Let me hook you up with some Live Bait...


Slidewell said...

Hey Skydog

Thanks for posting our brief moment of musical glory! Hope fans of your blog will find this morsel somewhat tasty! Oh yes, love the cover you cooked up!


Skydogg said...

Do I get four guesses who Slidewell really is? And thank you too, for the music. Appreciate it! ;-)

Slidewell said...

Well, it's really no mystery: Slidewell and Max the drummer are the same. Funny thing is, I'm called Slidewell 'cuz I play the lap steel bottleneck, etc, but when we had a chance to add Kenny on lead guitar, I fired myself from the guitar chair and rehired myself as the drummer, which, as Levon Helm says, is actually the best seat in the house.:)