Monday, May 24, 2010

Richard Torrance - Bit Torrance (2010)

I'm a fan of Richard Torrance and I used to have some of his album posted here as vinyl rips. Then Steve sent me the "Living Today" rip and pointed out the fact that these days Richard was selling all of his albums on his homepage. Thank you Steve and you are right. Hence I pulled them all, instead offering you a sampler which features songs from all of his 70's releases. But wait, check out this video first:

Yes, Richard is still making music and performing. Again, check out his website. The music is not strictly Southern Rock (and he's really from North Dakota), but it has all the ingredients to cook up a nice Funky Southern-tinged musical stew. Dig in, I say. Tracks on this sampler come from the albums:
"Eureka" (1974)
"Belle Of The Ball" (1975)
"Living Today" (1976, European release only?)
"Bareback" (1977)
"Live At The Boarding House" (1977)
"Double Take" (1978)
"Anything's Possible" (1978)
Since then he's released a couple more CD's, all available at
Richard's a great singer and musician and he sure deserves your attention. So, why don't you try a bit Torrance?!

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