Thursday, May 20, 2010

Allgood - Reel To Real (1990)

Allgood was originally called the Allgood Music Company. The band was based out of Athens, GA. Through constant touring, the band grew a following in the southeastern United States. Constantly changing set lists and additions of new songs appealed to the masses. The band created a demo tape of original songs entitled "Reel to Real". Taking only one day to record all 8 songs, the band used this for promotion to get gigs at bars and colleges. Next up was a 45 rpm called "Meat Salad". "Meat Salad" was sent to the college radio stations looking for more exposure.
This is "Reel To Real" including the tracks that made up the "Meat Salad" 45. It sounds like what it is, a collection of songs, demoed by a bunch of enthusiasts. The band gets funky occasionally and the songs are worth hearing again. This was a great band back then. Too bad they split. But at least they left us some fine music. It's Allgood..


Luc said...

I'm an Allgood fan!

Others records:
- Ride The Bee (Meccabitch, 1991)
- Full Moon (around 1991, 1992. Never released)
- Uncommon Goal (A&M, 1993)
- Kickin & Screamin (A&M, 1994)
- IV (1995, Never released)

Unreleased records and some bootlegs at


Anonymous said...

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