Monday, March 30, 2009

Russell Smith - Russell Smith (1982)

By request and with pleasure, I present to you Russell Smith's first solo album. I didn't realize that this album was actually out of print, so I never gave it any thought. Well, not as far as posting was concerned. But it's easily up there, among my favorite Southern Rock albums. Along with all Amazing Rhythm Aces records.
Russell Smith solo is not as adventurous as Amazing Rhythm Aces albums, but this one is equally as good as any ARA album. Slightly more up the Singer-Songwriter alley, like maybe Dan Penn. Great source of good material for any Country or Soul artist, incapable or unwilling to write their own songs. And it's all very tastefully done. It's never over the top, all very restrained but beautiful. And one of the very bestest voices, if you ask me. Which you don't, but you might as well... So, if you like to kick back, enjoy a beer in the sun, why not use this as the soundtrack for that cherishable moment? Oh, Southern Music...


joetomrud said...

This is a great album - I bought it on vinyl AND on CD when it was re-released. I'm looking for his second solo album "The Boy Next Door", which I also have on vinyl, but have no way of playing any more.

Best wishes,

Joe in Ireland.

Skydogg said...

If someone doesn't beat me to it, I'll post that next month. Cheers.

Tinu said...

Hi Skydogg
I guess, this was my request ;-)
Thanks so much for this great upload. Looking forward for the next one.

lochloosa, Switzerland

Anonymous said...

"Boy Next Door" was never released in the U.S. Looking forward to it as well. The Aces have a new best of CD out this month on Sarabande.
-George R.

Anonymous said...

Recently picked up the Taxim cd "Russell Smith" (with three bonus cuts), "Three Piece the Epic 45 Suit/Not Made of Stone" and the new compilation cd. With these, plus the "Sunday Best" compilation, believe I'm missing only one offical Russell Smith cut from "The Boy Next Door", that being "Nobody's Angel".

I'd like to hear it sometime. Bring it on! Later and thanks!

Craige said...

Russell suported this album with a tour with Levon Helm - the band was Randall Bramblett, James Hooker, Duncan Cameron + others.
There was a live album recorded that covered Levon's album of that time , this one, plus ACes & Band favourites