Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Don Bowman - Our Man In Trouble (1964)

Well, it's April Fools' Day. So, I won't kid you any longer and admit that this post is really just a joke. A mighty funny one though. That is, if you like Comedy. And old-time Country Comedy at that. And even though I'm not all that crazy about that zany, corny 60's Comedy stuff, I do have a soft spot for Don Bowman.
I learned about Don because I really dig Waylon Jennings a lot. And Don Bowman used to be a DJ in Lubbock, like Waylon. And he co-wrote "Just To Satisfy You", which was an old hit of Waylon's. And probably just about the only serious thing he ever did.
Don Bowman records are funny. But if you think there might be some worthwhile music on this too, think again. Don Bowman is the World's Worst Picker. Even if he was endorsed by Chit Akins. That'll never sell records!


Raizor's Edge said...

The woeful guitar solo on "Chit Akins, Make Me a Star" was played by Boots Randolph. Chet Atkins said in an interview that they couldn't find anyone who could play as badly as the song necessitated, but Boots "knew just enough guitar to be terrible," so they let him do the "picking." Glad Boots stuck to saxophone!

Marty C said...

thanks so much for the don bowman. He is almost impossible to find. However, this one seems to need a password to open. Can you help? My email is sparkle731 at gmail dot com

rinso said...

Thanks for this LP...Don Bowman stuff is very hard to find!

Skydogg said...

They're all here! Enjoy :-)