Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Radiators - Recommendation of the month

A couple of weeks ago Dan Phillips recommended The Radiators to me. He runs the Home of the Groove blog, which is all about the New Orleans Groove. I had never heard of The Radiators, but I love New Orleans music like Dr. John and The Meters. So I was interested.
Then I got a message from Jay Rosenberg of Radz Records, who does publicity (among other things) for The Radiators, telling me I would probably like their latest release, "Wild & Free". Lucky me got sent a copy, and for sure: me like it lots!
Now I don't mean this blog to be a platform for advertising, but if it's good, it's good and I will recommend it. And this is. Listening to it first time around I was reminded of The Meters, Willy DeVille, and Los Lobos, but with plenty Southern rocking going on and enough accent on instrumental excursions.
I am allowed to post two tracks, so check out "Like Dreamers Do" and "Suck The Head".
I found this video of "I Don't Speak Love" on YouTube, where there is lots more Radiators stuff to be found. But for easy access, start here:


NOLAtunes said...

You can find their music and explore other great Louisiana musicians at
Check it!

drfeelgoed said...

Nice one, thanks.

Gadjitator said...

I saw these guys live a while back & they put on a great show! VERY loud!!!

They had a generator outside the club they played in 'cuz there just wasn't enough power... hehehe. The generator was about the size of a (large) airplane engine.

One of my friends and I wore earplugs, another one didn't. On the way home after the show, when we talked about how great they were, the non-plug guy said, "Huh?" to everything! He told me later his ears finally stopped ringing about noon the next day.

Great blog!!!