Thursday, March 05, 2009

Borderline - Line Up (1994)

Recently German Southern Rocker Georg Bayer died. He was the singer of Lizard, which was the band he fronted as lead singer from 1986 on. During a period when things weren't going al that well with Lizard, Georg fulfilled his contractual obligations by recording with a bunch of guest musicians as Borderline. Amongst them were former Whitesnake guitarists Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden. But also Doc Holliday members Bruce Brookshire, Daniel "Bud" Ford, Danny "Cadillac" Lastinger and John Samuelson, and Jeff Carlisi (38 Special) and Rob Walker (Stillwater). So it's a bit of a star-studded affair. Sturdy Souther Rock, kinda similar to Doc Holliday.
This recording was provided to me by The BavarianSouthStateRocker! Ripped at 320 kbps it did however not feature the bonustracks of a later (also out of print) edition. I found that version on OLDANDNEW, but the bitrate was 160. So I just added the 4 bonustracks to this version. Another free bird gone, fly on!


Anonymous said...

Southern rock comes from the Southern USA. Lizard is from Germany and is NOT Southern rock. They are wannabes and copy-cats plain and simple! Lizard sounds like a German marching army- not free-flowing Southern USA music. Lizard should NOT be mixed with music from OUR Southern American culture. It is blasphemy! Sort of like trying to say that Native American Indians are qualified to produce Chinese music. Absurd. Lizard is German music trying copy Southern music and they failed miserably in my humble opinion. Where is Lizard today and why? No sales. No one cares. Not Southern rock. Just rip off wannabes! That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!
PS, why isn't Germans and Lizard proud to produce German music? Why do they have to try and call it Southern USA music? Because German music sucks! Southern music rules! At least we understand the motivation even if we do not understand the product.

Anonymous said...

Could you re-up this? I love Doc Holliday and would love to hear anything with the great Bruce Brookshire on it!

Skydogg said...

Re-upped. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Love your blog! I appreciate all the hard work you do to get these hard to find albums out to us music fans!