Saturday, February 14, 2009

Law - First Session (1972)

I would like to thank Rich for directing me towards former Law's axeman, Steve Acker's homepage. Not only does it keep you informed on what Steve has been up to lately, he also has a section dedicated to his past with Law. There are samples to be downloaded from all three releases, but at rather poor bitrate (96 kbps). But the best bit about it, is that he offers the first Law session from 1972. And at a nice 256 kbps. You might want to check there from time to time. He might update. But what's there right now, you can get here as well. A nice batch of early Law songs. Rockier and bluesier than what it evolved to. The difference is that here it's conveniently tagged and ipod ready to go!


The6070Rock said...

Wow, thanks a lot !!!
Much more hard rock than the others albums, Law 1st session just "rulz"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, brother! I can't wait to hear it.


Anonymous said...

Just discovered this site. Love the George Hatcher that you recommend so strongly: echoes of Joe Cocker in the vocals, and great songs. I've enjoyed cherry-picking very much on your recommendations and am finding myself impressed by this 'southern' focus. This is a distinctive collection and I will be returning on a regular basis with enthusiasm. On the Alman/Cher album: I've had the vinyl for years and rate 'Move Me' as one of the all-time songs - funny how you just latch on to something! Thanks for the shares. MF

Skydogg said...

That's the kind of comment that should keep me going. For at least another year. Thanks.

Eat a peach,

tunesmith3000 said...

Hello Skydog, Steve Acker here. I'm the white guy in the white shirt in the LAW pic. A friend brought your blog to my attention this morning and it kinda blows me away. I am very proud. I can provide you with remastered, cleaned up hi-res MP3 or WAV files of every LAW track ever recorded. Just what let me know what you need, brother. My email address is

Steve Acker, Nshville, TN

DeePeeGee said...

Law - First Session (1972)
Would it be possible for you to provide a new link to this album please? Many thanks

Skydogg said...

New link up. Enjoy!

DeePeeGee said...

Many thanks