Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Billy Earl McClelland - Zero Hindsight (1980)

Here come the 80's! To me, that was black page in the history of Rock music. Though not all was as bad as it seemed. And here's a record you might very well like a lot.
I bought this album, long time ago, because it featured Dickey Betts on guitar. Listening to the album back then, I was somewhat disappointed. To be calling this Southern Rock was sure stretching it. Too mellow, and rubbing shoulders with West Coast pop. But these days I like my Southern Rock stretched, and I enjoyed ripping this album. Billy Earl McClelland was/is a Country session guitarist, who's also written songs for other artists (among others Waylon and Hank Jr.). He recorded two solo album for Elektra, of which only one was actually released. This one. The other album was called "Ready or Not". The music on this album is more in the vein of Rodney Crowell (circa "But What Will The Neighbours Think"), and reminded me at times of Warren Zevon. It's also very typical of its age. But do give it a spin.


Anonymous said...

It also has "Me &, My Old lady" recorded by Delbert Mclinton .he changed the title around a bit but Billy Earl wrote it

Anonymous said...

Delbert called it MY Sweet baby because his wife woul'nt let him say me& my "OLD" lady!