Friday, February 06, 2009

Wet Willie - Manorisms Live (1978)

I've always loved the energetic, almost hyperactive Southern Soul Rock of Wet Willie. But by the time they changed labels from Capricorn to Epic, things started to mellow down a bit. Or maybe get just a little too slick. But I still think "Manorisms" was quite a good album, though. And I'm glad I did some digging and actually came up with this small treasure. A 5 song live performance of Wet Willie, doing songs from and promoting the "Manorisms" album. I don't know anything about the source, but they sound like professional recordings, ripped from vinyl. Could it be a promo live album for radio stations? Anyway, the sounds is great. And the playing and singing is excellent. Live in front of a very small audience, maybe live in a studio? Added are two Jimmy Hall solo performances from the Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam VIII. Also very good sounding recordings. Hey, hey, what do you say?!


Luc said...

It's from a promo LP released by Epic in 1978. One side studio, One side live with the same songs. I own it and I like it!

Timmy said...

Thanx for the Live Willie!

Anonymous said...

Thank You!