Monday, February 02, 2009

Kid Dynamite - Kid Dynamite (Flightstream 1976)

Kid Dynamite was an offshoot of the Steve Miller Band. Formed by Southern boys Dick Thompson and John King (of the Steve Miller Band), Kid Dynamite was completed by vocalist Val Garcia and guitarist Steve Trembley. They released two albums in 1976, both entitled "Kid Dynamite". Yeah, that's cool. And confusing. But I'm guessing this would be their second, since the other, on the Cream label, was recorded at the end of 1975.
I did not care much for the cover of this album. And the fact that it was on Flightstream (!?), didn't do much to change my preconception. But fortunately I've been proven wrong, 'cause this is a real nice and warm sounding record. A nice mix of soulful, funky Southern boogie. I grabbed this album from Zosopat's blog, who has a great blog with some ultra rare gems. Go visit!
The other one I now have too, thanks to Bigfootkit and will post later on. This one sounds real good, though there is one major skip to be heard on the song "Whole Lot Better". But despite that, this is well worth your attention and a real find. Kaboom!


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Seems the mediafire link is down.

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