Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Russell Smith - The End Is Not In Sight (2002)

Another fine piece of Amazing Rhythm Aces singer Russell Smith. Now, Russell albums may be few (as are Amazing Rhythm Aces albums, considering the fact they have been around since the early 70's), but they're always worth the time to check them out. This is the kind of album that at first you might dismiss as average and inoffensive, give it a few spins and you'll soon realize this is plain craftsmanship. So, it's not 'all over the place', it's just good. Good songs, good picking and splendid singing (as always). Included here are a couple of re-recordings of Amazing Rhythm Aces classics that are pretty nice, though I prefer the originals.
I always listen to Russell Smith right before or right after listening to Dan Penn. You should try that. For those still in the dark: this is some of the finest Singer-Songwriter Southern Country Rock (all capitals!). Old school.


doctorghira said...

great,great post man !

sr fan said...

thx for this post,no disapointed,this singer is great,incredible voice,amazing music