Friday, June 10, 2011

Allgood - Kickin & Screamin (1994)

"Kickin & Screamin" is Allgood kickin' and screamin' alright. An infectious live show that shows very well just how good these cats were. Excellent Southern Rock and with deserved capitals too. There are just 5 songs here, it still has you toe-tappin' for 40 minutes. My favorite song on here would be the 16 minute long "Trilogy", with some fiery fiddle thrown in for good measure. Really, the whole album just makes you wanna go out, grab a case of beer and.. Oh well, you know what I mean. A great time to be had by all. Solid vocals and a band that sure knows how to get the crowd moving. Funky house.


Luc said...

Short set but I like very much the Allgood performance.

I'm an Allgood fan.

Anonymous said...

Hello there:

I work for The Oxford American magazine and we're currently researching our upcoming Southern Music Issue. This year, we're focusing on artists from the state of Mississippi. We're big fans of your blog, and were hoping you might have some pop/garage/bubblegum artists you might think we should check out.

Thanks for your help with this, and keep up the good work!

All best,

Natalie Elliott