Monday, June 06, 2011

Doc Holliday - Modern Medicine (1983)

I guess you all know how I feel about the 80's and how, in my opinion, that period was just a really black page in the history of Rock & Roll. Doc Holliday have almost always stuck to their roots. Almost. Cause on this Mack produced album from 1983 they nearly blew it. All kinds of electronic sounds and an uncharacteristic production makes this a record a real strange piece of work. When listening to this, if someone told you this is Southern Rock, you would probably laugh right in their face. And who could blame you. But still, it's Doc Holliday, one of my favorite bands to this day. And if you try real hard, you might actually find something to enjoy. Who could say no to that raspy voice of Bruce Brookshire's? After this misstep they soon got their thing back together, playing their music the way we know and love it. But try this out. You might just have a good time after all. Doc Holliday has just finished their farewell tour and released their last album. So, buy that one. It's called "From The Vault" and has songs from their entire career that never made it to disc, both live songs, outtakes and all. Don't let "Modern Medicine" scare you off ;-)... Rock City!

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Anonymous said...

The 80's were much better than the 90's or the 00's.