Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marcia Waldorf - Memoranda (1975)

Marcia Waldorf released (as far as I can tell) only one album and did so for the legendary Capricorn label. Musically it's very much a Singer-Songwriter type of album. But a very good one, let me assure you. Fans of early (folky) Heart will eat this up, as will fans of artists like Carole King and such. So, how Southern is this? Well, it's got the Capricorn Rhythm Section playing along as well as some great guests. People like Chuck Leavell, Jimmy Nalls and Davis Causey (Sea Level) and Paul Hornsby. If you're in a reflective mood (or want to impress your woman with some thoughtful and easygoing tunes), this will definitely work. The woman's got a very pleasant voice, there are some good lyrics and well written songs. The rhythm of the South?


Luc said...

I think I never heard nothing about this Capricorn release.

Skydogg said...

So, how do you like it?