Saturday, November 07, 2009

Rick Cunha - Folkscene (1976)

This recording has Rick Cunha live in the studio with some help from Jeff Gilkinson. Folkscene was a radio show on Los Angeles' KPFK station. On this episode we hear Rick playing and talking one year after his "Moving Pictures" was recorded (which wouldn't be released until 1980). The recording suffers from rather heavy tape hiss, but you'll get used to that if you're interested in Rick's career. Later in his musical life, Rick would join Na Kama Hele, playing Hawaiian music. Here we already hear him talk lovingly about Hawaiian music, though the songs played are mostly in the vein of his two solo albums. If you haven't heard Rick before, I suggest you start with his "Cunha Songs" album. If you already know and love his studio albums, get this.

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