Friday, November 20, 2009

Black Oak Arkansas - Leprechauns In Orlando (1979)

Alright, a little bit of some harder stuff this time. This is a live broadcast of Black Oak Arkansas from 1979, with a 15 year old Shawn Lane picking some fierce guitar. The show comes one year after their dreadful Capricorn release "I'd Rather Be Sailing", but this show is actually quite energetic (as opposed to aforementioned album) and good. Though the recording itself is really raw (not quite in a state to have it officially released), this should well please any BOA fan. Quite a few songs on here which never made it onto any officials release, as well as some classics like "Jim Dandy" and "Race With The Devil". Rough Stuff.

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Luc said...

Yes, a good and intersting set. I got it as a bootleg titled "Live On The Hog".

I'm just writing an article about the BOA discography for the Bands Of Dixie magazine (sorry, in French!). I did some searchs and found a very interesting disc by guitarist Harvey Jett (the sound is not very good but what a guitarist!). It's out of stock on CDBaby but you could find it thru his Myspace as I did.