Sunday, September 27, 2009

George Hatcher interview on Sweethomemusic

On French website, there's a cool interview with George Hatcher. It's a French site but the interview is in English. You should go check that out. I think it's great he's still around and about to make a comeback in music. George is definitely one of my favorite Southern Rock singers. For those of you who don't know mr. Hatcher, he's released quite a couple of classic Southern Rock gems:
Dry Run (1976)
Talkin' Turkey (1977)
Have Band, Will Travel (1977)
Rich Girl (1978)
Coming Home (1982)
Hindsight (1985)
Check out his music and read about the man here!


bluesbro said...

Thanks for the heads up on GH, will be keeping my eyes open for his box set.

Anonymous said...

GHB starting rehearsals Aug 2010... shows and new album to follow...